What can we make Together?

I am a freelance artist specialized in the needs of marketing departments. My clients include Swedish videogame publisher Paradox Interactive, US-based game developer Puny Human, the Belgian Gymnastics Federation, and various event- and creative agencies from Belgium and the Netherlands. As a contractor, I have realized work for brands such as Panos, Sony Pictures, Lexus, Casa International, Proximus and Carglass. The focus of my work is 2D and 3D key art for ad campaigns, events and trade shows. I am based in Brussels but can be found in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Raleigh when on-site with clients.

Aside from my B2B work, I am the founder and operator of Kaiser Cat Cinema, a crowdfunded collective of artists dedicated to althistory storytelling and shortform content on YouTube.

Ask yourself, What can we make Together?


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